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A review of Kingston Brass - The Tradition of Fine Brass

Kingston Brass Faucets and Fixtures represent a high-quality yet affordable option for all your plumbing requirements. Kingston Brass was established over 20 years ago and has been consistently growing in popularity since day one. They manufacturer many great styles of heavy solid brass faucets that are made to last. With both high-end designs and long lasting finishes, it's no wonder customers are so happy with their products.

Kingston Brass gives you all the quality you require at a price you can afford. Big brand names in plumbing obviously make great products but they sometimes come with a very steep price tag. Kingston Brass set out to change this trend. They wanted to manufacturer a product that could compete in every way with the big brands with the exception of one notable difference - the price! Kingston Brass has found the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

The Kingston Brass headquarters is located in California. The video below will give you an introduction to Kingston Brass as a company and will allow you to look inside their warehouse and observe some of their business processes. You can see that they have a very large warehouse and parts department. The video hardly does it justice. We at have personally toured their facilities and the number of products they stock is truly impressive. In recent years, due to the popularity of the brand, Kingston Brass added a second huge warehouse to stock even more products and keep up with ever growing consumer demand.

At we have a lot of experience working with Kingston Brass. We have been with them since the beginning. We have watched their competitors come and go. We have seen Kingston Brass remain a stable brand you can rely on and trust. They offer a 10 year warranty on all faucets and have a parts department to help if anything ever goes wrong. Buy with confidence!

Please watch the video and then check out some of their products on our site. Here are a few top categories where you will find Kingston Brass products: Bathroom Faucets, Kitchen Faucets, Clawfoot Tub Faucets, Shower Faucets, and Bathroom Accessories. Click a link after the page loads, use the "filter by brand" option on the sidebar to view all the Kingston Brass items in that category.

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Kingston Brass Incorporated is committed to providing the kitchen and bath community with top quality products, innovative designs, and good business relations. Kingston Brass is an American based company located in California which was founded in May of 1998 by a group of innovative industry professionals each sharing in the philosophy that providing quality engineered products in a timely manner is the key to succeeding in the plumbing market.

Our original goal was to establish ourselves as the preferred provider of plumbing products to the kitchen and bath community. For 14 years Kingston Brass has diligently and endlessly worked to achieve that goal and has now redefined their mission: To be the top supplier of designer and specialty plumbing markets using the same valued approach.

Our 72,000 square foot high-ceiling warehouse includes 10 million items in inventory, 16 loading docks to handle multiple container and truck bed inbound and outbound, a Parts Department with a well-organized system of racks stacked up, each with a BIN number for our pickers to access the product, and a testing facility to perform water pressure tests for quality assurance.

Our packers pick the product from the staging pallet according to the order, pack it into the ASME approved cardboard boxes - making use of the air-pillow packing system for a sustainable, environmentally friendly practice.

Our LTL team picks and stacks the products during the course of the day, packing all of the pallets before completing them all in the afternoon. They then load the pallets into the trucks at the end of the day and submit the BL with the PRO number into the tracking system.

Finally, our loaders complete the end of the day loading and sign off with the carrier.

The success of Kingston Brass is based on our commitment in offering all that you want or need to improve your home. We work to ensure rewarding results with the business opportunities we create and the people we communicate with.

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Author Bio: Nick Kuzmin

Author: Nick Kuzmin

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Nick Kuzmin has been working with or around plumbing products for over 25 years. This lifetime of experience has given him a large amount of useful and practical knowledge on almost all plumbing related topics which he freely writes about and shares online. Nick co-founded with his father Jim in 2011.

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Dee Ochterski
Dee Ochterski

April 06, 2023

I am very impressed with Kingston Brass…l especially like the quality style profile …. I will make more purchases in the future!

August 30, 2019

Hi Sharon, I am fairly certain the Kingston Brass would have replacement handles available but I’m not certain how they take care of an issue like porcelain handles cracking. Since you purchased your faucets recently I think you should definitely contact them to see if that would be covered under the warranty. Here’s a link to the Kingston Brass warranty page: and here’s their phone number: 877-252-7277. I’d say give them a call to discuss what options you have. Thanks!


August 30, 2019

I have another question regarding my beautiful heritage bathroom sink faucets.
We bought and installed the faucet this June
and first one of the porcelain cross handles split then the other split. Would this be a manufacturing problem. Have you had a lot of feedback on these porcelain cross handles and would it be possible to get replacements, since of course. They would still be under warranty. Please write back at your earliest convenience

June 03, 2019

Hi Sharon, thanks for your comment! I do not know for sure whether or not there is a reducer that could be removed to improve the flow rate but I do not believe there is anything like that restricting the water flow. I do know that federal regulations regarding bathroom faucet flow rates are more strict than they used to be which could explain the difference in flow rate between your new and old faucet. For further assistance with your faucet, you could try calling Kingston Brass directly at 877-252-7277 and see if they have any ideas. Thanks!


June 03, 2019

I’ve recently purchased and installed you heritage widespread faucet. It is of very good quality and I’m pleased with that.
The flow of water from both the hot or cold faucet is quite a bit less than our old fixture. Is there a reducer inside the fixture and can it be removed. I would appreciate a reply at your convenience. Thank you.

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