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How to install a Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer: Video Guide

December 03, 2013

This how-to install a Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer video explains step by step the process for installing your Faucet. A Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down or Pull-Out Spray installs basically the same as any other Kitchen Faucet. The main difference is there must be a weight attached to the Pull Out Sprayer hose so when you put the sprayer back it stays in place.

When installing a Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Out Spray, make sure to read the instructions before starting to make sure your particular faucet is similar to the faucet shown in the video.

This video will help illustrate just how easy it is to install your own faucet. With a run time of just under 4 minutes, watch it and you will be ready to install your faucet!

Text of this video

Today we're going to be installing a Pull Down Kitchen Faucet from our Concord Collection. Now the first thing that we're going to need is our deck plate with our threaded rods in it. Now, before we install this we're going to use a bead of silicon to go around the perimeter of the faucet holes. Now, this faucet also comes with a single hole application as well. And we're just going to place that in the sink and use our two plastic lock nuts to secure it.

Now that we've secured our deck plate to our sink we're going to install the main body of the faucet. Now I've already tefloned our flexible lines. Now, we're just going to slide the spray hose down first. Just position that and then we're going to use our locknut and washer to secure it from underneath.

Now we're going to continue to secure our faucet with our locknut and our bracket. And as you can see, I've positioned our bracket so that the hoses go on the inside. Like that. I'm just going to tighten that and now we're going to use a crescent wrench to secure it the rest of the way.

Next we're going to attach our spray hose. Now, you'll want to make sure that this is tefloned as well, same as our flexible hoses. Secure that with our crescent wrench.

Next we're going to install our weight. Now you'll want to make sure you install the weight on the hose side that you're going to pull out at approximately two inches up from the bottom of the hose. I'm going to press those on and use our Phillips screwdriver to tighten both screws.

Now next we're going to attach our water supply lines. I'm just going to hand-tighten these on. Use our crescent wrench to make sure they're completely secure.

Now that we've secured our faucet we're going to remove our spray head and turn the water on and let it run for about a minute to remove any debris that may be in our lines. And then you'll just put back in the washer and we will thread back in our spray head.

And now you're ready to enjoy your Kingston Brass faucet!

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