Delta Emerge Shower Columns

Delta Emerge Shower Columns

A Delta Emerge Shower Column Fixture is perfect for both retrofit jobs as well as brand new installations. This unique fixture is easy to install and will allow you to build a supremely elegant custom shower system.

You might not realize from looking at it, but it's best to think of a Delta Emerge Shower Column as a kind of upgraded and enhanced shower arm. This fixture enables you to connect both a showerhead and a hand shower spray to a single water outlet. At the top, the Emerge column is attached to the threaded pipe coming out of your wall (where normally you would connect your shower arm). This pipe feeds water into the fixture allowing you to run both a showerhead and a hand shower.

Because of the way they install (Check out the Installation Instructions), Delta Emerge Shower Columns are great for retrofits. They are designed to be able to work with an existing shower mixing valve and control. Emerge Shower columns can be used in both tub/shower applications as well as in shower only applications.

Emerge Shower Columns feature a 3-setting diverter (located at the base of the shower column) which has 2 individual settings and 1 shared setting. This means you can run both the showerhead and hand shower together at the same time, or run either spray on its own independently.

Additional Fixtures Required

To go along with your Delta Emerge Shower Column, you will either need to already have, or plan to purchase a few additional fixtures. First off, you must have a shower mixing valve control and valve. You will also need to order a showerhead and hand shower spray head separately. If you want to add a tub spout, make sure you purchase one with a pull-up diverter.

Check out these graphics created by Delta, which help explain how a Delta Emerge Shower Fixture works:

Delta Infographic for Emerge Shower Columns
Required Fixtures for Installing a Delta Emerge Shower Column