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A Little About Us

Hi! Glad you're here and hope you are having a nice day :) Welcome to FaucetList.com! It is our goal to be the easiest place to buy a faucet. We carry a large selection of top quality brand name faucets and fixtures at reasonable prices. We are not a big giant corporation with a faceless board of directors and private jets. Nope. We are just normal real people! Faucetlist.com was launched in 2011 by Jim and Nick Kuzmin, a father and son team from the Los Angeles area.

We have over 40 years' experience working with faucets. In the 80's Jim (the Dad!) began his career in the wholesale plumbing industry. In the early 90's he started his own wholesale company to supply plumbing and electrical products used in large scale commercial renovations of hotels and apartment complexes. He spent years learning just about everything there is to know about this stuff. Jim has personally worked with hundreds of different brands in the plumbing industry. From the cheapest import knock-off products to the super expensive high-end brands. He has seen it all. It's that knowledge you can take advantage of when you shop at FaucetList.com today.

In the early 2000's Nick (me! the son) graduated from UC Santa Barbara and joined the company. Shortly after we launched our very first website. FaucetList.com is the latest and greatest version. We have hand selected the products we offer to meet our exacting standards and Jim's critical eye. We feature only the highest quality best brands available. We know you are buying based off a picture. Because of that we offer only the fixtures we really believe in. We don't want to send you anything you are not going to love!

We enjoy working together and running a small family business. Faucetlist.com may not be the biggest or fanciest site, but we try to make up for that with knowledgeable and helpful customer service. Feel free to Contact Us at any time. We want to help you find exactly what you need and are not here to upsell.

A Little About our Founders as Individuals!

Jim loves golfing and going on walks with his dog, a cute 13-year-old poodle named Madison. He's been happily married for 39 years. He likes reading mystery/thriller novels, watching movies, and playing the mandolin. He also enjoys watching college basketball and attends all the Cal State University at Northridge Matador home games.

A long time ago Nick was bitten by the travel bug. He has traveled to many places in Europe, East Asia, India, and South America. He is passionate about trying new food and learning new languages. He lived a year in Beijing, China studying Mandarin Chinese and another year in Helsinki, Finland learning computer programming. He also enjoys running, cooking, and rock climbing.

Why FaucetList.com and not Amazon?

The elephant in the online shopping room is Amazon. Amazon may be convenient for some products, however it is not always the best place to purchase items like faucets and other plumbing fixtures.

On Amazon it's not always easy to find what you want by searching if you don't know the plumbing industry terminology. When it comes to plumbing fixtures, specialized product knowledge may be required to make sure everything you order will be complete, compatible, and will work for your particular job. Many plumbing products require handles, drains, valves, trim kits, cartridges, and other parts to be purchased separately. It can be hard to know what exactly you are ordering as sometimes items on Amazon don't include everything shown in the picture. More than half of products for sale on Amazon are sold by 3rd party sellers - NOT by Amazon themselves. This means they don't always have full control over the authenticity of the products offered for sale. With so many imported knock-offs around it's important to fully trust the source. Furthermore, Amazon allows the sale of used products which may not come with an in tact warranty.

At FaucetList.com we make finding what you want simple with helpful categories and filter options. This make navigating our site and finding the product you want easy! We also have detailed buying guides to help explain complicated fixtures. We use our expertise to make ordering simple and easy. We offer many 100% complete products. We offer many complete packages that include everything necessary for installation (including all the small and hard to find pieces). This saves you the time and trouble of having to hunt down each individual component. Order everything you need with just a few clicks! At FaucetList.com you can be sure all products are 100% brand new and genuine. We do not deal in seconds or overstock. We have full control over the items we carry. We do not allow any third party sellers on our site and do not sell any counterfeit or used products. Anything you order from us is the real deal and is sold with warranty in tact. Plus when you order from FaucetList.com you are directly supporting a small local family business. We are real people who want to help make your experience great!

Oh and by the way, if you already have an Amazon account you can still use it to checkout on our site! No need to re-enter your information. Simple add the items you plan to buy and click the pay with Amazon button in the cart.

Customer Feedback

At FaucetList.com we realize our customers are everything! We have been selling online since 2001. We started out selling only on ebay where we learned the true value of great customer service. In 2011 we opened FaucetList.com to expand our selection of products and offer an even better shopping experience than we could on ebay. When you shop with us you get a real person who really cares. I know I know, every company promises this sort of thing, but how do you know who actually means it?

Well, the ebay feedback system is famous for creating trust between shoppers and online businesses. We wanted to share some of the actual customer comments we've received on ebay. Ebay is an unbiased 3rd party and we cannot modify or remove any of feedback we receive. These are 100% true customer comments. You can't fake this stuff!! As you can see in the past 16 years we have quite an impressive record. More than 10,000 unique 99% positive feedback, near perfect star ratings, and a BUNCH of happy customers! We offer the exact same level of service when you shop on FaucetList.com so give us a try and order something today!

With the vast majority of our orders everything goes great. However, like in every other business, once in a while things don't go exactly as planned. We absolutely try our best to avoid problems but if there is any issue with your order, we will go out of our way to make things right. If you read through all the comments below you will see that a few are from customers who experienced an issue with their order. Thanks to our fast solutions these customers still decided their overall experience with FaucetList.com was positive and still went to the trouble to give us feedback. We take great pride in this type of comment. We are proud of all our positive feedback and if you read through what our customers have to say you will see how overwhelmingly happy they are - even in cases where everything didn't go entirely according to plan.

We have chosen a few random comments made by actual customers so you can see what they have to say. If you want to see our actual live ebay feedback page simply click on the image.

The Colors of FaucetList.com

Do you like the colors of our website? We hope so because we really love them. They were not chosen by some computer algorithm or even by a designer. Nope, the colors were 100% chosen by mother nature. During the time our co-founder Nick lived in Finland, he was inspired by the immense beauty he found in the Finnish forest or "metsä". Every single color on FaucetList.com (other than white) can be found in the images of the Finnish forest floor below. The photos were taken in Nuuksio National Park in Southern Finland. We used photoshop to determine the digital hex codes for the natural colors found in the images. We then used this as inspiration for our site design.

We hope our site design gives a hint of the actual experience offered by a walk through the lush summer Scandinavian forestscape. Imagine the bright morning Nordic sun and the cool clean fresh air hitting your face. You hear the trickling water from a nearby creek and the knocking of a woodpecker somewhere off in the distance. Surrounding you are countless white birches, strong tall pines, and fragrant forest green spruce trees. All around are wild blueberry and brilliantly colored lingonberry bushes. You find yourself walking through springy shin-deep sea green moss still damp with morning dew (good thing you're wearing your rubber boots!). You're staring at the ground hunting for the elusive and delicious wild chanterelle mushroom. The images below are examples of what you might see. It's a relaxing and sensory experience that we hope one day you will get a chance to enjoy it for yourself. (click to enlarge)

Social Media

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FaucetList.com's Marketplace Presence

In addition to offering our products for sale on FaucetList.com we operate selling accounts on both ebay and Amazon. We want our customers to be able to find our great products wherever they prefer to shop. Over the years we have had great success selling on both ebay and Amazon as well as on FaucetList.com. Find our seller accounts here: FaucetList on Ebay and FaucetList on Amazon.

Because FaucetList.com is not trying to be an everything store we believe we can offer you the best shopping experience right here on our site. We have specially created categories to help you easily find what you're looking for. We can also offer lots of helpful information to allow you to make an informed decision. The products themselves are identical regardless of where you place your order. Our main goal is to make things easy and to reach our customers wherever they are. The bottom line is you will get the same great product and service regardless of whether you place your order on ebay, Amazon, or right here on FaucetList.com! So give us a try!

Order from FaucetList.com Today!

At FaucetList.com we make buying a Faucet EASY! Our site is easy to browse on any device and is 100% safe and secure. Using our 40+ years' experience we have made FaucetList.com the easiest place to order everything you need all at once. We offer thousands of complete products. No need to research which parts are compatible with each other. No need to research which parts are sold separately. No need to spend hours hunting down products with the perfectly matching finish. Shop from many complete packages and find what you need quick. Support our small family run business and get great personalized help and service. We are so sure you will love our products we offer a super easy 30 day return policy. Join others who already know how great it is to be part of the FaucetList.com family! Please give us a try and order today!

Thanks for reading!