Top 10 Kitchen Remodel and Renovation Ideas for 2022

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Top 10 Kitchen Remodel and Renovation Ideas for 2022 Rustic Kitchen with large Island Image Source:

Top 10 Kitchen Remodel and Renovation Ideas for 2022

Kitchen remodeling and renovations can be daunting, time consuming, and demanding. With all the challenges that may come with renovating, updating your kitchen is never a bad idea. Choosing new finishes, fixtures, appliances, and materials really helps you connect with the space and make your kitchen yours. The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in any home, and should be a place you enjoy spending your time! With the changing style trends and updated kitchen tech, choosing a new kitchen design and materials can be intimidating. Read on to view our Top 10 Kitchen Remodel and Renovation Ideas for 2022, and let us help you design your new kitchen. This article is full of inspiring kitchen pictures so make sure to keep scrolling to check them out!

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1. Unique Kitchen Lighting

Light fixtures are often the centerpiece of any space and the most eye catching fixture in any room. Choosing a unique light fixture can give your kitchen a bold look and enhance your design style. Using uncommon materials and shapes or incorporate striking colors and finishes with your kitchen light fixtures can increase the excitement of your design, and make your kitchen feel more like the place you love to spend time in. Check out some of our favorite unique kitchen light fixtures below!

Minimalist Kitchen with Bold Black Pendant Lights Image Source:

Minimalist Kitchen with Bold Black Pendant Lights

This kitchen has a lot to offer, but the statement pendant lights are by far the star of the show here! The white color scheme throughout the kitchen offers a neutral backdrop for the bold black finished hanging lights to shine. A hanging light fixture adds height to the space, while the modern farmhouse style complements the traditional elements throughout the kitchen. These unique hooded pendant lights also feature one-of-a-kind gold accent hardware for a modern touch. Kitchen lighting should complement your design, while also reflecting your personal style!

Farmhouse Cage Pendant Kitchen Lights Image Source:

Farmhouse Cage Pendant Kitchen Lights

Elements of the traditional farmhouse design have slowly made an appearance in almost every home style within the past decade. Here we see a stunning modern kitchen with unique marbling on the walls and counter tops and high-tech stainless steel appliances. This kitchen would not be complete, however, without the brilliant modern farmhouse pendant lights mounted above the large kitchen island! The white metal design complements the color scheme throughout the kitchen, while the gold cage and mounting hardware keep these fixtures feeling current and sophisticated. Adding a traditional elements to an otherwise modern kitchen extends the life of the design, allowing it to transcend future style trend changes.

Unique Wicker Pendant Kitchen Lights Image Source:

Unique Wicker Pendant Kitchen Lights

Using uncommon materials in unique kitchen light fixtures is trending this year! This exceptionally designed kitchen features two large woven basket pendant lights mounted above the island fixture. These statement light fixtures bring in a new texture and exclusive design element that seamlessly complements the woven hanging window treatment. In a smaller kitchen, lightweight materials and airy fixtures keep the room feeling more open and taller. These brilliant basket light fixtures are truly one-of-a-kind in this contemporary kitchen design!

2. High Tech Kitchen Sink Faucets

The kitchen is a great place to showcase your best home tech! Delta Faucet offers a wide variety of innovative technology for the kitchen including things like touch and voice activated faucets and fixtures like pot fillers and glass cleaners! All of Delta's kitchen faucets include their Lifetime Warranty, covering the finish and the function for the lifetime of the faucet. You want your kitchen to be a place you look forward to spending time in. Make sure to install a one-of-a-kind Delta faucet in your high tech kitchen!

Delta Instant Hot Water Faucet

Delta Instant Hot Water Faucet

One of Delta's most exciting innovations for the kitchen is the instant hot water dispenser faucet! This stunning faucet provides instant near boiling water with the turn of the handle. You can easily prep hot water for cleaning, or make a warm beverage instantly! The traditional design of this high tech faucet seamlessly complements nearly all Delta kitchen faucets, making it an easy addition to your kitchen design. The single handle body utilizes minimal counter space for installation, while the solid brass design ensures your faucet will endure generations! Include this one-of-a-kind innovation in your next kitchen reno to add lasting value and functionality! Note, this faucet is Engineered to function with HWT300-F2000S or HWT-300 InSinkErator tank models sold separately.

Delta MagnaDock Bar Faucet

Delta MagnaDock Bar Faucet

This innovative bar faucet features some of Delta's most unparalleled technology. The single handle design offers a unique pull-down faucet head that doubles as a hand sprayer. This one-of-a-kind feature allows the faucet head to tightly dock into place with precisely placed magnets, releasing with a gentle tug to be used as a hand sprayer. In addition to this exceptional technology, this Chrome single handle faucet also includes Delta's Touch20 programming which allows you to turn the water on and off with a single tough anywhere on the faucet body or handle! The Touch20 technology can be activated with a touch of the forearm or wrist, making it ideal for those times when your hands are covered in kitchen grease! With two of Delta's most innovative tech advancements, this bar faucet is the perfect choice for your busy kitchen!

Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucet

Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucet

More often than not, the kitchen is where everything happens at once and messes pile up quickly. Delta had a hectic kitchen in mind when they created their unmatched Touch2O technology. A Delta touch faucet can be activated with a simple touch of the hand, wrist, or forearm, allowing you to easily turn the water on and off whether your hands are filthy or full! You can easily set the water temperature and pressure with the single handle, turning the water on and off with a touch anywhere on the faucet body or handle, for a precision water flow every time. A touch faucet is also a great addition to a family kitchen. Children can easily turn the faucet on and off without changing the water temperature, reducing chance of burns. A Delta Touch2O faucet is the best choice for your next kitchen renovation!

3. Neutral Paint Colors

Lighter colors have always been popular in the kitchen, and for good reason! Using neutral wall paint, cabinets, counter tops, and finishes gives your kitchen an open and airy feeling. From smaller workspaces to large open chef kitchens, neutral paint colors are inviting and classic. A neutral backdrop also allows for easy fixture changes as design trends shift. Keep reading to see some of our favorite kitchens featuring neutral paint colors!

Large Kitchen with White Cabinets and Counter Image Source:

Large Kitchen with White Cabinets and Counter

The lighter colors in this large and open kitchen are a perfect complement to the ample natural sunlight coming in the oversized windows. This contemporary kitchen features many classic fixtures like a large eat-in island, under window farmhouse sink, and a breakfast nook. The mixed metal finishes incorporated in the cabinet hardware add a slight modern touch, while the Chrome kitchen sink faucet anchors the traditional design. This classic eclectic kitchen is stunning!

Neutral Kitchen with Large Dine-In Peninsula Image Source:

Neutral Kitchen with Large Dine-In Peninsula

This smaller kitchen really showcases the value of using neutral paint colors in home design! The white walls and traditional quarts counter tops offer a neutral backdrop without sacrificing style. The inclusion of a large black centerset kitchen faucet and matching black water spigot faucet complement the black cabinet hardware, giving the design a modern contemporary feel. With a large kitchen peninsula with overhang counters, this small kitchen features ample dining and storage space. The white color palette allows the wood accents, stainless steel appliances, and other stunning fixtures to shine as center pieces rather than competing with brighter wall paint. The classic brass hanging pendant lights give the room a slight vintage touch, while also making the room feel taller and more open.

Neutral Kitchen with Modern Black Pendant Lights Image Source:

Neutral Kitchen with Modern Black Pendant Lights

Using neutral paint colors in your kitchen renovation does not mean that your new space will be boring! This large kitchen shows just how beautifully neutral colors can come together in a bold kitchen design. The stark white cabinets and classic quartz counter tops offer a brilliant backdrop for the striking gray backsplash tile. This open contemporary kitchen features many traditional elements like stainless steel appliances, chrome fixtures and cabinet hardware, and a large eat-in kitchen island. The unique black pendant lights give the kitchen a touch of modern elegance.

4. Bold Kitchen Sink Backsplash & Accent Tile

Tiling in the backsplash and throughout the space can really set the tone of a kitchen renovation. Even in a minimalist kitchen, incorporating a bold tile design in the backsplash sets your kitchen design apart. Whether it's a backsplash made up of entirely adventurous colors, or just a few unique accent tiles within the space, incorporating eye catching tile is a fantastic way to upgrade your kitchen!

White and Gray Herringbone Kitchen Tile Backsplash Image Source:

White and Gray Herringbone Kitchen Tile Backsplash

A herringbone tile design in the kitchen is both classic and eye catching! This kitchen features traditional white subway tiles in the contemporary herringbone design. The exceptional gray mortar adds an element of modern sophistication, while also coordinating with the stunning marble counter tops. The unique light blue cabinet color and gold finished handles makes this one-of-a-kind kitchen design a bold statement of home renovation!

Blue and White Kitchen Tile Backsplash Image Source:

Blue and White Kitchen Tile Backsplash

There's nothing like a bold backsplash in a contemporary kitchen design. This large kitchen features an oversized backsplash with a uniquely patterned tile design. The blue tones give this room a stylish modern feel that complements the state of the art stainless steel range. The stark white cabinets and quartz counter tops keep this kitchen feeling open and airy, while complementing the otherwise contemporary design. A bold backsplash tile design easily incorporates a custom element of uniqueness, and is a great way to add your own personal touch to your kitchen design.

Oversized Kitchen Backsplash Design Image Source:

Oversized Kitchen Backsplash Design

This uniquely shaped kitchen has so many exclusive elements. From the traditional ceiling molding and large window over the sink, to the bold blue island cabinet color, this open kitchen is surely one-of-a-kind. The oversized backsplash features a striking blue accent color that perfectly complements the large island. Installing a sizable countertop to cabinet backsplash makes a kitchen appear taller, adding a modern element. The white backdrop of the tile also complements the kitchen cabinets, and reflects the ample sunshine coming through the large windows.

5. Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island has long been a staple fixture in chef's kitchens of any size. An island is a great way to add both additional storage and workspace, even in smaller kitchens. With the rise in popularity of the kitchen island, we are seeing many different kinds of fixtures, including large wooden tables, bulky cabinets, built in cabinet fixtures, and even mismatched fixtures that add in an additional design element. Check out some of our favorite kitchens featuring unique islands!

Farmhouse Style Oversized Kitchen Island Image Source:

Farmhouse Style Oversized Kitchen Island

A large farmhouse kitchen is every home chef's dream! Not only does this kitchen feature a range of bold and state of the art appliances like a cabinet fridge, gold pot filler, and striking oven, but it also offers an oversized kitchen island. The considerable counter space makes this island the ideal place for kneading bread or working on other kitchen creations. With a unique table-like design, this large island also features an overhand counter that doubles as an eat-in nook. With ample natural sunlight, bold finishes, and a one-of-a-kind design, this spacious kitchen sure is the ambition of any home chef!

Contemporary Dine-In Kitchen Island Image Source:

Contemporary Dine-In Kitchen Island

A large kitchen is the centerpiece of this contemporary home. The opulent cream cabinets and quartz countertops give this open space a sophisticated feel. With trendy Stainless Steel appliances and ample natural lighting, this accessible and spacious kitchen is magnificent. The considerable island features a large overhand counter top that is mounted on two statement posts for a unique design. The ample storage space and seating room makes this staple accessory a functional fixture centerpiece. A functional island is timeless and will last through many kitchen trend changes.

Large Modern Kitchen with Double Island Image Source:

Large Modern Kitchen with Double Island

A modern eclectic kitchen is the perfect place to showcase a collection of stylish and functional fixtures, bold appliances, and eye catching finishes and accessories. This spacious and airy kitchen features a double island accessory that serves as both a functional workspace as well as a dining space. The use of two contrasting cabinet fixtures gives this kitchen a modern and custom feel, while also adding uniqueness. The inclusion of a built-in double pan sink increases the functionality, making this island timeless and able to withstand many changes in design. Incorporate a unique island fixture into your next kitchen reno!

6. Functional Kitchen Counter Tops

Choosing the perfect counter top material for a kitchen renovation can be both exciting and stressful. Counter tops should be functional as well as stylish, and there are many different material options that meet both of those needs! As one of your biggest expenses in a kitchen renovation, you want to choose something durable and that will last through many different style trend changes. Keep reading to see some of our favorite functional counter top choices!

Contemporary Kitchen with Quartz Counters Image Source:

Contemporary Kitchen with Quartz Counters

Quartz is one of the most popular choices for a functional kitchen counter top. Not only is quartz a cost effective favorite, but it is an ideal pick in a chef's kitchen. The cool, smooth finish is perfect for kneading bread, and easy to clean after cooking a messy meal. The striking white color complements nearly every kitchen design, while the classic gray veining mimics the style of traditional marble, giving the kitchen a sophisticated feel. The navy blue cabinet color and classic stainless steel appliances continue the modern design, while the white and gray backsplash complements the counter colors. Quartz is a fantastic choice for adding modern functionality and style to any home renovation.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Butcherblock Counters

One of the most functional choices in counter tops is butcher block. This stunning wooden island counter serves as both a durable workspace and a bold centerpiece in this large contemporary kitchen. Traditional butcher block is created by pressing multiple boards together, creating a highly durable and exclusive counter top that can be completely customized to suit your specific home design. As a functional fixture, butcher block can serve as a cutting board, an expansive work space, and a stunning design element. Butcher block counter tops also complement traditional quartz and marble for a mixed counter design, as pictured here!

Modern Kitchen with Butcherblock Island Counter Image Source:

Modern Kitchen with Butcherblock Island Counter

A kitchen island with ample cabinet space, a functional counter top, and a useful bar sink and faucet is a practical fixture in any kitchen. This contemporary kitchen features a large dine-in island with a hefty butcher block counter top that can be used as a functional workspace. The one-of-a-kind design of butcher block ensures that each counter is unique and perfectly suited for the specific kitchen design. The classic wooden butcher block offsets the sophisticated tile backsplash with a traditional and timeless element. Butcher block is both ageless and practical for generations to come!

7. Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are the obvious center piece of every kitchen, so why not make them unique and striking? Choosing a bold colored oven or a cabinet fridge is a great way to increase the excitement in your kitchen renovation, as well as add easy value to your home. Upgraded appliances are a fantastic selling point, making your home desirable should you choose to sell later. From pot fillers to professional grade ovens, appliances can make or break your kitchen renovation. Keep reading to see some of our favorite kitchen appliance upgrades!

Modern Kitchen with Double Stainless Steel Range Image Source:

Modern Kitchen with Double Stainless Steel Range

The modern farmhouse design is becoming ever popular in the kitchen for it's timeless appeal. The minimalist white and black color scheme is ideal for a design that lasts through generations. This is truly a chef's dream kitchen with the ample counter space and room to store all of your favorite gadgets and kitchen tools. But the most striking element in this brilliant kitchen is by far the stainless steel double oven! With extra burners and an attached convection oven, this range is designed to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal at once! The addition of the matching stainless steel pot filler allows the home chef to easily and safely fill large pots of water right where they will be used, rather than carrying them from the sink. These modern appliances enhance the farmhouse design, and add tremendous functionality and value to this renovated kitchen!

European Style White and Gold Range Image Source:

European Style White and Gold Range

Incorporating uncommon appliances in your kitchen renovation is a great way to really make your kitchen yours! This stunning modern farmhouse style kitchen has a lot to offer. The crisp white cabinets and unique backsplash tiling create a striking backdrop for the remarkable gas range. The gold cabinet hardware complements the gold handles and hardware of the range, continuing an element of sophistication throughout the space. The unique design gives this range an old European feel, making the kitchen feel extremely luxurious and customized. The open vent design and large gold hanging pot rod keep the workspace open, leaving ample room for cooking and creating in this refined kitchen space.

Rustic Kitchen Stove Image Source:

Rustic Kitchen Stove

There is just something irresistible about this exceptional emerald green range. The uncommon look of this appliance adds an element of intrigue to this kitchen, while the unique design feels vintage and rare. A farmhouse kitchen design thrives with a bold centerpiece fixture like an uncommon range. The minimalist white cabinetry and tiled walls make the perfect backdrop for the extraordinary range color. The splendid green color is exciting, and really personalizes the overall feel of the kitchen. From the one-of-a-kind cabinet hardware and the exceptional range, this kitchen is the epitome of customization!

8. One-of-a-Kind Kitchen Fixtures

When renovating your kitchen, it's a good idea to include the unique fixtures that really make your kitchen yours! From built-in wine coolers to functional pieces like pot fillers and pet storage, including one-of-a-kind fixtures in your kitchen is a great way to really make it yours. Even in small kitchens, you can easily incorporate high tech faucets or a cabinet door fridge that increase both the design and value of your kitchen. Check out some of our favorite kitchens featuring bold fixtures below!

Matte Black Finish Delta Glass Rinser

Matte Black Finish Delta Glass Rinser

Delta Faucet is a leader in kitchen innovation! Their exclusive Glass Rinser fixture allows you to easily clean any glass with the press of a button. Its sleek design can be comfortably installed using any empty counter top hole, such as those designed for soap dispensers and hand sprayers, while taking up minimal counter space. Simply press a glass, travel cup, baby bottle, or any other cup over the rinser, and powerful water jets shoot up for an accelerated rinse! The channel spout design allows the water to easily drain out into the sink below, leaving behind zero mess! The powerful water jets are designed to rinse even the most stubborn residue, leaving nothing to scrub. Delta Glass Rinsers are available in many kitchen finishes, allowing them to seamlessly complement your new kitchen faucet.

Stainless Steel Pot Filler Image Source:

Stainless Steel Pot Filler

A pot filler is a sophisticated fixture that allows you to easily fill a large pot for cooking right on the stove! It's ergonomic design folds up tightly against the way so it's not in the way while cooking, and then retracts out to reach different burners atop the stove. This functional fixture is a fantastic choice for any home chef, and homes with elderly or disabled family members that may find it difficult to fill a large pot at the sink. Pot fillers instantly add an element of modern charm and refinement to any kitchen design!

Hidden Kitchen Pet Food Storage Drawer Image Source:

Hidden Kitchen Pet Food Storage Drawer

Nothing is more unique and custom in a modern kitchen than a hidden dog bowl cabinet! This pull out cabinet tray offers enough space to hold both a pet food and water bowl, and can be easily stored away when the pets are finished. The seamless design easily compliments the remaining cabinets, and looks like any other drawer when pushed in. Including a designated space for pet bowls if a great idea for any organized and pet-friendly kitchen. The ability to easily conceal unsightly pet supplies makes this one-of-a-kind fixture a practical choice.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Wine Cooler Image Source:

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Wine Cooler

Nothing complements a large modern kitchen like a built-in wine cooler! This kitchen boasts a slew of stylish fixtures like a large apron sink, cabinet door dish washer, and state-of-the-art stainless steel range. The wine cooler adds an element of sophistication and modern functionality. The glass door allows you to easily see what is chilling inside, while the adjustable shelves can be moved to accommodate various size bottles. You can also use a wine cooler as extra storage for other chilled liquids like juice and tea!

9. Trendy Kitchen Fixture Finishes

Finishes for the kitchen change with every generation, but following the trends with your renovation is never a bad idea! Using trendy finishes like Delta's Champagne Bronze and Matte Black are ideal for adding a modern touch to any kitchen. From cabinet hardware to light fixtures and faucets, incorporating trendy finishes in your kitchen can really make it feel like home while also keeping the style current and modern. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite kitchens featuring trendy finishes.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen with Gold Finishes Image Source:

Modern Minimalist Kitchen with Gold Finishes

Gold and brass finishes have long been the industry choice for modern sophistication. While brass may seem outdated in some home designs, this kitchen proves that brass can still be a trendy and stylish addition to any modern style. The dark cabinets and floor tiling provide a basic backdrop for the brass hardware to shine! Brass is a fantastic choice in a mixed metals design, as we see here with the stainless steel appliances that complement the shine of the cabinet hardware. Brass hardware is timeless, and a great choice for adding striking appeal to your kitchen renovation.

Contemporary Kitchen with Black Finishes Image Source:

Contemporary Kitchen with Black Finishes

Black finishes have fast become the top choice in both contemporary and modern home designs. in the kitchen, black finishes remind us of traditional and timeless designs. This kitchen incorporates black finishes seamlessly, with the black cabinet hardware, the black kitchen faucet and side sprayer, and the black floor tiles. The dark cabinet color complements the black hardware for a sultry and romantic feel, while the modern stainless steel appliances and classic white subway tile backsplash reflect the ample natural light coming in through the large over-sink window.

Large Kitchen with Gold Finishes Image Source:

Large Kitchen with Gold Finishes

Delta's Champagne Bronze finish is incredibly sophisticated and modern. In this large kitchen, the Champagne Bronze kitchen faucets shine as elegant center pieces against the backdrop of the stainless steel appliances. The modern gold hardware complements the neutral white cabinets for a bold and stylish look. With ample counter space and an eat-in island, this kitchen truly is the heart of the home.

10. Kitchen Pantry Space

You can never have too much storage space in the kitchen. Choosing to incorporate a pantry space in your kitchen renovation will add lasting functionality and value to your home. Even in smaller kitchens, including a separate standing cabinet for additional pantry space is ideal. From external cabinets to built-in closets, pantry storage of any kind is a must! Check out some of our favorite kitchens with ample pantry space below!

Walk-in Pantry in Farmhouse Kitchen Image Source:

Walk-in Pantry in Farmhouse Kitchen

This is a true dream kitchen! From the large eat-in island, to the classic modern farmhouse vibe, this kitchen is stunning! Perhaps the biggest selling feature, however, is the large walk-in pantry closet conveniently located near the main cooking space. This complementary pantry workspace features ample cabinet space for storing all your kitchen goods, as well as plenty of counter space for spreading out. There is even a small bar faucet and sink for easy cleanup! This is a true butler's pantry, and the perfect addition to this gorgeous modern kitchen.

Large Walk-In Kitchen Pantry Image Source:

Large Walk-In Kitchen Pantry

This large and open kitchen boasts a lot of modern elegance, including the oversized eat-in island, the state-or-the-art stainless steel appliances, and the ample cabinet space. The walk-in butler's pantry is the perfect addition to this stunning kitchen! The open shelving offers plenty of storage, while the ample counter space provides plenty of workspace. This pantry also features a built-in dishwasher for easy cleaning and put away. A separate pantry may seem redundant in a large kitchen with plenty of storage, but you will never regret utilizing available space for additional pantry storage!

Modern Walk-in Storage Pantry Image Source:

Modern Walk-in Storage Pantry

It's hard to see past the oversized peninsula in this modern and open kitchen. Between the state-of-the-art stainless steel range and double pan sink, this kitchen offers a lot of functionality and ease of use! Just beyond the main kitchen is a large walk-in pantry closet that boasts ample shelf and cabinet space to store all of your kitchen supplies and tools. Having the option to store kitchen tools out of site really keeps this kitchen looking modern and minimal.

2022 Kitchen Renovation and Remodel Ideas Final Thoughts

Making your kitchen your own should be an exciting time! When choosing new finishes, materials, colors, and fixtures, don't be afraid to take risks and incorporate the pieces that catch your eye. Your kitchen should be a place you enjoy spending your time, where you can work happily and efficiently. From counter tops and cabinet colors to faucets and hardware, exercise your right to be flexible in your kitchen design and really make it yours!

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