Delta Temp2O Electronic Smart LED Digital Temperature Display Shower Faucets

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Delta Temp2O Showers with Digital Temperature Display

Is a Delta Temp2O Shower Faucet right for you?

When shopping for a Shower Faucet you may come across electronic smart shower options. There are some cool new innovative Shower Faucets on the market today which offer a variety of benefits to consider. This article will explain how exactly the Delta Temp2O digital shower control display works.

We will cover the benefits offered by a shower control with Temp2O technology and highlight some of the reasons you might want this feature in your shower. Below you will find videos which show these digital display shower faucets in action. There is also a video that explains just how easy it is to install a digital display electronic shower faucet control trim kit.

Whether you go with a digital lighted shower head, an electronic digital display shower control, or both, you will find that Delta Temp2O technology offers a simple way to improve your daily life. Later in the article you'll find some reviews from real customers which help illustrate exactly how this small LED shower light can benefit your life. Read on to learn more!

Why would you want a Smart Shower?

The trend these days is for everything to be digital. At first the idea of a high tech digital shower faucet might seem a little silly. How much impact could a digital shower faucet control really have on your life? We will explore the benefits offered by a Delta Temp2O shower faucet so you can decide for yourself! Make sure to read the customer reviews below and watch the videos so you get a real understanding of how this modern new shower fixture works.

The term "smart shower" really just implies that your shower knows more than a regular "dumb" shower. In the case of a Delta Temp2O digital temperature display shower faucet control, what your shower knows is the exact temperature of the water. A normal shower faucet control has an internal mechanism to gauge and regulate the water temperature, however it may not actually "know" the temperature. If you happen to have thermostatic shower faucet which does in fact detect the actual water temperature, it's probably not smart enough to share that information with you!

Delta's Temp2O showers have a small modern looking digital LED display on the control handle plate, powered by 3 AAA batteries, which is designed specifically to share the water temperature information with you. It displays this information in the form of both a digital number read out of the exact water temperature and also as a colored LED light that allows you to quickly figure out the current water temperature range (cold, medium, or hot). The batteries last around 2 years and changing them is easy (learn more about this below).

Digital Shower Control vs. Shower Control with Temp2O Digital Display

First off, an actual digital shower control, the type where you use a touch screen to turn the water on and off, and you touch little arrows on the screen to raise and lower the temperature will almost certainly make your life more difficult. Imagine for a second trying to use a touch screen with wet hands. Even if it's totally safe and designed to be operated that way, it basically solves a non-problem.

A digital electronic shower control might look cool but really nothing beats the ease and convenience of simply turning a handle. In the case of almost all standard single handle shower faucets, you simply rotate the handle and immediately water starts spraying out from your shower head. Super simple and easy. There is no solid reason (that we can think of!) for your shower to be turned on and off electronically. This article is really not meant to be a digital shower system review or make a judgement call about what is right for you. However, our opinion is that technology should be used very thoughtfully, especially when it comes to shower faucets. Using technology to turn the water on and off is bound to create more problems than it solves. A handle already works great for this purpose. So can technology be applied thoughtfully to improve your shower? The answer is absolutely!

How can Technology be used to improve a Shower Faucet

There are certain select areas where high-tech elements in a shower can be used to great effect. For example, a digital temperature display element will definitely improve your shower experience. Delta Temp2O adds a simple and small digital screen to your shower control and provides benefits which are greater than you might initially think. The whole idea of design is to improve things. Delta Temp2O showers are NOT controlled via digital means. Rather, they offer the addition of a simple LED light digital temperature display to your shower faucet control.

You operate a Delta Temp2O shower exactly the same way you operate and control a normal shower faucet. You rotate a handle and the water turns on. The digital display is designed to show you temperature of the water at a glance. The LED shower screen digitally displays the temperature in both degrees and by using colored lights. The LED display lights change color from blue, to magenta, to red as the water heats up. This visual indication of temperature makes it so you will never accidentally jump in the shower before the water is warm enough. It also helps you avoid the situation where you get in and are scalded by water that is too hot.

Close up on Delta Temp2O Digital Temperature Display

So basically there is no downside to this type of high tech shower faucet. It works just like a normal shower faucet control but with one small but important improvement, the digital temperature display! A power electric shower with color changing display has many real world benefits. You can read reviews and see what real people have to say about these digital shower control displays below.

Why have a Thermostatic Shower Faucet if you have no way to know the exact water Temperature?

Thermostatic shower faucets and valves are great because they give you very precise control over the water temperature flowing out from your showerhead or tub spout. Thermostatic Showers are designed to give you the ability to accurately control the water temperature and keep the flowing water within 3 degrees Fahrenheit of the temperature you set.

In the case of a standard shower faucet, to control the water temperature you typically rotate the control handle counter-clockwise. The water temperature will increase the further you rotate the handle. The temperature will remain set at whatever point you stop rotating the handle. In the real world though, water does not heat up instantly. Although you have already rotated the handle to the temperature you want, it might take the water in your pipes a few minutes to catch up with your request. We've all had the experience of standing in the bathroom and needing to wait a few minutes for the shower water to heat up. This wait is basically caused by the time it takes for the water to physically travel from your hot water heater, through the pipes, to the location of your bathroom. Since it takes a few minutes, there's no exact way to know when the shower water will reach the optimal temperature and you can get in. Without an exact temperature being displayed, you don't have any way to know if the water is warm enough unless you physically stick your hand in the spray!

Delta has designed their smart Touch2O LED digital display shower faucet controls with just this problem in mind. Wouldn't it be great if you could accurately set the temperature, and then also see a visual representation of it? That way you'd never have to get shocked by stepping in to water that is too cold or scalded by stepping into water that is too hot!

Learning about how a Delta Temp2O Electric Shower Control Works

Delta Touch2O digital shower controls and showerheads solve this problem because they feature a small electronic display on the shower faucet control faceplate. At a glance you can see the temperature based on the color of the display. A closer look and you will see the exact temperature in numbers.

Different LED Light Colors on Delta Temp2O Tub Shower Combination Display

Delta Temp2O Tub and Shower Faucet with Digital Display Clear - Water is Off
Clear - Water is Off
Delta Temp2O Tub and Shower Faucet with Digital Display Blue - Water is Cold
Blue - Water is Cold
Delta Temp2O Tub and Shower Faucet with Digital Display Magenta - Water is Warm
Magenta - Water is Warm
Delta Temp2O Tub and Shower Faucet with Digital Display Red - Water is Hot
Red - Water is Hot

When the water is off, the digital display on the shower control is clear and blank. When you turn the water on, the three-color indicator offers an easy visual cue to the water temperature. A blue light LED screen symbolizes that the water is below 80 degrees. A magenta light means it’s between 80 and 110. A red light indicates the water is higher than 110 degrees. You can know at a glance whether or not the water is warm and ready!

Temp2O Shower Faucet Controls with temperature read-out require 3 triple AAA batteries to power the LED screen on the Shower faceplate. The batteries are fairly easy to change and they last approximately 2 years. Volume And Temperature Shower Controls with the digital temperature displays offer a smart way to use new technology to benefit you in your everyday life. The temperature read-out and color indicator light will greatly improve the way you take a shower!

Now that you have some of the basic information about the LED Shower temperature display, check out the video to see this electric shower display in action!

Delta Temp2O Technology Tub and Shower Faucet Combination Control with Digital Display

Video Text: Take the guesswork out before you get in with a Delta Temp2O tub and shower. The Temp2O digital temperature display shows the temperature of the water flowing from your showerhead or tub spout. As the water temperature rises, the color of the display changes from blue, to deepening shades of magenta, to red. For another easy, visual indication of the water temperature. You'll know when the temperature is right for you, and safe for your family. The LED display is powered by 3 triple A batteries that are easily accessible under a water tight housing and are estimated to last 2 years. Available in 5 finishes and 3 styles to match any decor. Temp2O technology is another way Delta is more than just a shower. See what Delta can do.

Benefits of Digital Display Shower Controls

There are many benefits to having a digital temperature read out display on your shower faucet control. This seemingly small feature provides useful information at a glance. A shower control with digital display is great for people who have younger kids as you can teach them not to get into the shower if it's too hot. It's also great for you because you never need to step into an ice cold shower accidentally again.

If your hot water heater is located far away from your bathroom you don't need to stand near the shower waiting and checking, waiting and checking, waiting and checking, while the water heats up. Just sit down, relax, and glance over. If you see the LED temperature display is magenta you are good to go!

LED digital displays look cool and modern. You can experiment figure out the exact perfect temperature for your shower and always have the optimal experience. When water is too hot it can damage your hair or dry out your skin. You can make sure the water temperature is in a healthy range so you look and feel great all the time! A digital shower control display can make showering for people with mobility issues easy, safe, and comfortable.

Take a look below at the benefits highlighted by quotes from real customer digital shower control reviews.

Shower Faucet Controls with Digital Display are great for people with kids

Most reviews we found focused on the benefit an LED temperature display shower control offers to people with young kids. As kids are known to be a little less careful, providing them with an extra warning when the shower is too hot can be very beneficial. You can teach them to look at the display and let them know what temperatures are in a safe range. Pretty soon after your kids will be able to take their own showers without the need for you to worry! Additionally, if you are bathing a young child and the water temperature goes up or down suddenly for any reason, the LED light will immediately warn you that the hand shower or shower head water spray temperature has changed and you should stop spraying your baby with it.

Shower Faucet Controls with Digital Display are great for people with kids

"While I understand that the temperature gauge is a little gimmicky, the shower in our master tends to change temperatures quickly. This isn't a big deal for my wife and I, but when our little one needs a quick spritz, we bath him in our shower. Of course, we always test the temperature regardless of what the thermostat says, but once we have the head off its base and are actively involved in the bathing process, it is nice to be able to see if the temperature begins to rise or fall. Unfortunately, when looking down at the head from above - as we do when we're bathing our son - the temperature reads in reverse...but it's not too difficult to figure it out!"

"I like that you can read the temperature on top or bottom (but when you read through on top it is in reverse!). I love knowing the temperature when we use it with our kids and simply getting in the shower--a quick look at the color gives me an idea and I can see the actual temperature if I want!"

"THE DISPLAY IS FANTASTIC: My grandchildren love this shower head. They no longer need grandma or grandpa to check the water temperature before they get in. They just check the display and get in when it reaches the appropriate temperature. I am going to buy the hand shower next so they can use it in the bath tub. What a great concept. Thank you Delta!"

"My whole family loves this product. No more checking the temperature of the water before stepping into the shower. Turn the water on and adjust to the color of the light you shower with."

"My 14 year old son loves the color coding so he can get in at the right temperature."

"I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT! This product is not only amazing for any adult, but it makes bathing a baby or child a million times easier. Plus, it makes your shower look instantly classier. This is definitely a must buy product!!!"

"Great for bathing an infant. Indicates the temperature of the water."

"This shower head is great! My children can see what the temperature is before getting into the shower and when we first got this, I worked with each of them to find the range of temperatures they are comfortable with. The color codes are nice too. Now, they can turn on their own showers safely."

Digital Shower Control Displays are useful, look super cool, and are fun!

Digital Shower Control Displays are useful, look super cool, and are fun!

Lots of reviews we read also discussed how high tech electronic digital shower systems looked great and were quite useful and fun. Many people mentioned that they were surprised at how handy and useful they felt having the shower control digital display actually was. The perception that it might be a gimmick is quickly dispelled as there are all kinds of useful benefits offered by digital temperature displays. The LED shower display light was reported to even be bright enough to offer mood lighting in the shower.

Our favorite comment referenced Goldilocks because it helps illustrate a great reason to want a digital display shower control. You don't want your shower temperature too cold, you don't want it too hot, you want it just right. The digital shower display allows you the ability to find the exact, precise temperature that is your "just right." You can dial it in to the exact degree and have the perfect shower every time!

"The Temp2O feature was interesting to me. It's supposed to be a bit like Goldilocks and the three bears. Blue is "too cold" for most people, red is "too hot" and the pink/magenta is "just right". I found that I like my water temperature to be around 103F. My advice is to wait for magenta and then wait another minute. Too bad there isn't a way to tell it when to turn magenta, I think that would be about 101 for me."

"The display light is very bright and its colors are pleasing. In fact, it is bright enough that you can shower at night without turning the bathroom lights on. It could even be romantic. Keep in mind that you are probably paying an extra $30 to $40 for this particular feature, and if you don’t care for the temperature sensor and the display, then get a cheaper product of equal or better functionality."

"I love this thing. So many settings, quick to install and, believe it or not, the temp reading comes in handy. I'm going to get another for my guest bathroom. I had so much fun with this thing, trying to find which spray options and the perfect temp. If you shower in a narrow bathtub shower, you probably won't be able to enjoy the removable head and broad spray as much as you could otherwise."

"The lcd display functions correctly so far and seems to register temperature changes immediately. When the water is not on, the lcd just looks like a small clear window."

A Digital Display Shower Control Prevents Temperature Shocks

Never step into a freezing cold or scalding hot shower again. We all know that feeling on a cold morning when you hop into the shower a moment before it's properly warm. It may be a quicker way to wake up than a cup of coffee but it's certainly not very pleasant. The digital display, with its LED Shower light, is the perfect indicator that the water is warm and ready. The colored LED light makes it so you can even glance over and judge the temperature from across the room. When you see that warm magenta color you know the water is just about ready. Maybe even more important is the indication that the water might be too hot. Due to relative changes in ground water temperature it could be that the setting you normally use in your shower will suddenly be much too hot. Don't risk jumping in and getting scalded! Take a look at the temperature on the digital display on your shower faucet control first and you'll know exactly what to expect!

A Digital Display Shower Control Prevents Temperature Shocks

"I no longer get into a shower, or even stick my toe in cold water. It works as designed. Very, very easy to install and easier to use."

"Our master bathroom is the furthest room away from the water heater in our house and it usually takes a minute or two for the water in the shower to get hot enough for me to get in. Usually I just run the water until I see steam starting to fill up the shower stall and then jump in. After installing this shower head I now know the perfect temperature and once I see it hit that temp, I get right in saving some time and more importantly water."

Benefits for people with disabilities or mobility issues

If it's difficult for you to test the water before committing and entering the shower then this little digital temperature read out could be a huge improvement to your shower routine. A stylish modern digital temperature display on your shower faucet control is perfect for knowing exactly when the water is ready.

"I do not yet know how long the batteries will last, I hope a long time. This is for a quadriplegic shower and knowing the temperature is an important safety feature."

Frequently asked questions about Shower Faucets with Digital Display (according to Delta):

At what temperature does the shower head or tub faucet display change color?

Blue represents below 80 degrees, magenta is between 80 and 110, red is greater than 110 degrees.

What water temperature should I bathe my children at?

Based on our research, the ideal recommended temperature for bathing children and even infants is 100 degrees. This temperature is within the Magenta color range on the Delta Temp2O Hand Shower, Shower Head and Tub Faucet.

Delta Temp2O Showerheads and Hand Held Showers with Digital Temperature Display

Digital Display LED Shower heads and Hand Showers

In addition to Shower Faucet Controls with digital display screens Delta also makes Showerheads and Hand Showers with this feature built in. If you purchase a Temp2O LED display hand shower or shower head you will not need any batteries. The display is powered by water flow through the unit. This is a smart way to achieve a color changing showerhead effect as it takes advantage of the power generated by the water flow through the showerhead. Get a hydro electric shower head in your own bathroom! Delta's Shower head with temperature display powered by water is truly an innovative design.

Temp2O Digital Shower Temperature Display Overview by Delta Faucet

Take the guesswork out before getting in! Delta Temp2O technology. HandShowers and Showerheads H2O powered. Tub & Shower use three AAA batteries. Find the Perfect Temperature. Delta Temp2O technology.

This video will give you an idea of what these digital LED display shower heads and hand showers look like in action!

How to Install a Delta Shower Trim with Temp2O Technology

Now that you have an idea about the function and benefits offered by a LED shower light temperature display, it's time for you to learn just how easy they are to install. There is about 3 minutes of minimal extra installation work to install a Temp2O shower trim compared to a normal Delta shower faucet control trim installation. This is because you need to power the shower display somehow. The extra "work" required to power the display is you need connect one wire, install 3 batteries, and clip on the battery cover. The installation process has been made extremely simple by skilled Delta designers.

Installing the Delta Temp2O Shower Trim is easy. Before you know it, you'll be ready to experience a shower without any of the guesswork. The video and the instructions below focus on the installation of the cartridge and shower trim after the Delta Multichoice universal rough has been installed inside the wall. You will learn how to install a cartridge with a wire so you can benefit from the LED digital shower display offered by Delta. You will also learn how to install the trim kit. This video assumes you have already installed the rough-in valve in your wall. Installing the rough-in valve is a job for which we highly recommend hiring a professional plumber. Attaching or changing the trim kit is something that should be well within the ability of most people.

Watch this roughly 3 minute video to see how to install a Delta Temp2O shower control trim kit.

How to Install a Temp2O Digital Display Shower Control Trim

  • 1) Make sure the water supply to the shower has been shut off.
  • 2) Remove the bonnet nut from the body.
  • 3) Insert the cartridge. Make sure the H for Hot appears on the left side of the cartridge. Make sure the keys on the cartridge are fully engaged with the slots in the body.
  • 4) Pull the wire through the bonnet nut, slide the bonnet nut over the wire and cartridge. Make sure not to pinch the wire in the threads. Thread the bonnet back on to the body and hand tighten.
  • 5) Slide the o-ring over the cartridge, wire, and bonnet nut. The o-ring acts as a spacer to steady the sleeve and should rest behind the bonnet nut.
  • 6) Connect the wire from the cartridge to the backside of the backplate which houses the digital temperature display.
  • 7) Mount the backplate onto the body. Align the mounting screw holes to the rough. The screw holes are located at approximately 2 o'clock and 7 o'clock. Insert the provided screws and thread into the plate until they are snug. Do not use a power drill as it can lead to damage. Hand tighten only.
  • How to Change Temp2O Shower Faucet Trim Kit Batteries
  • 8) Insert 3 triple AAA batteries (make sure they are positioned in the proper direction) and snap on the battery cover with the arrow facing up.
  • 9) Push the foam/plastic spacer to the front of the trim sleeve and then slide the trim sleeve over the cartridge body and o-ring. Make sure not to damage the wire!
  • 10) Slide your escutcheon with the temperature display window over the trim sleeve. The escutcheon has four notches that align with spaces on the back plate. Once they are lined up, a slight clockwise turn will lock the escutcheon into place.
  • 11) Install the handle onto the cartridge stem and secure it using an Allen wrench (note some handles are secured from the front using a screw and cap cover).
  • 12) Congratulations! You have just installed your Delta Temp2O Shower Digital Display trim

Shower Systems with Digital Displays

So why stop with just a standard shower faucet control when your shower can be so much more. At we specialize in full custom shower systems. We carry several pre-built custom shower systems that utilize the Delta Temp2O digital temperature read-out display. With a custom shower you have the ability to switch the water between the various peripheral spray outlets. Because shower systems are designed to really surround you with water, knowing the temperature before you step in is a very nice feature indeed. Imagine having your large rain shower flowing and all your body sprays flowing and you go to get in and it's like ice! A digital display makes it so you never have to be fearful of a situation like this again! Read this article to learn more about Delta Custom Shower Systems.

Delta Temp2O Digital Display Shower Faucets

Delta Temp2O Digital Display Shower Faucets Summary

A digital shower control may seem like a gimmick at first but in fact having a small LED temperature display can make an impact on your everyday life. The "gimmick" perception really stems from the fact that digital shower controls often don't work so great. They certainly aren't easier to use than a simple single handle shower faucet. The thing is, that doesn't mean all benefits offered by a digital display are a waste. In fact, a small LED digital temperature display on your shower faucet control can be quite useful. Delta has added the advantage offered by a digital display, but left the standard shower control handle in place. This way you get the best of both worlds!

As you have seen in the videos, adding this small digital screen to your shower is not very difficult. It is just one extra wire and a few batteries. The installation video is only 3 minutes because it really is that easy. Once you have installed a Delta Temp2O digital temperature display shower trim kit you will immediately begin to experience the benefits. Because we all shower on a daily basis, these benefits will really improve your morning routine and have a positive impact on your daily life.

If you have kids, you'll get the peace of mind that they will never get scalded by hot water because you can teach them to check the LED color lighted display before getting in the shower. The benefit to you personally is you'll never again accidentally jump in a freezing cold shower! Plus, you can utilize the temperature display to find the absolute perfect temperature and have the perfect, "just right" temperature shower every time.

If you plan to have a full custom shower system the benefits of a digital display are amplified. Shower Systems don't just have a single shower head. They feature multiple water spray outlets. Because of this, it's even more important to know the temperature of the water before you get in and are fully engulfed in a freezing cold spray. A high tech digital display could be just the kind of improvement your shower system needs!

Whether you are shopping for a full customer shower system, a standard shower faucet, or a tub shower combination, look for the term "Temp2O" in the product listing. All fixtures marked Temp2O feature the small digital display on the shower control faceplate. Delta Temp2O electronic showers are a great addition to any bathroom and the small digital display is sure to improve your everyday shower experience. Modernize your shower and gain the benefits offered by a Delta Temp2O shower control or shower head. Order today and join thousands of other happy customers!

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