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Delta Pivotal Matte Black Finish Modern Angular 17 Series Tub and Shower System with Hand Shower on Slide Bar and Multi-Setting Showerhead SS174993BL2

This modern dual temperature and pressure control tub shower system in Delta's Pivotal collection, features a tub spout, a hand shower, and a multi-setting showerhead. The hand shower sprayer mounts to a bracket on a slide bar which can be adjusted up or down to your preferred height. The modern square wall mount showerhead installs on a ball joint and can be angled in any direction you like. Get this complete matte black tub shower system ordered for your bathroom today!

At FaucetList.com we have over 40 years' experience in the plumbing industry. Delta Shower Systems have always been some of our best selling products. We know that buying a custom Matte Black Shower System can be a little tricky. There are just so many small components required if you want to build a complete Matte Black finish Shower System. To buy this Delta Shower System you would need to hunt down and order many individual parts and make sure they are all compatible. So difficult! At FaucetList.com it's our goal to make things easy! We have included ALL NECESSARY rough-in valves, cartridges, handles, and other required fixtures so that this Matte Black shower faucet package will arrive to you complete and ready for installation. Don't spend hours searching for every little piece separately. Don't delay your project by ordering wrong/incompatible parts. Make things easy! Order everything necessary for your Delta Shower System from the same place. We offer fast and free shipping on all black finish Shower Systems. Add to Cart Now!

Delta Pivotal Matte Black Finish Modern Angular 17 Series Tub and Shower System with Hand Shower on Slide Bar and Multi-Setting Showerhead SS174993BL2
Lower Dual Shower Control Handle: To turn on the water, rotate the large lower shower control handle. The water volume will increase as you rotate counter-clockwise. Use the small secondary handle to set your desired water temperature. This Shower System features a Delta Monitor 17 Series Pressure and Temperature Balanced Cartridge with a 6.98 GPM flow rate at 80 PSI.

3-Setting Diverter Control: The shower diverter handle gives you full control of your custom Delta Shower System. The diverter valve installs between the shower mixing valve and the peripheral shower system spray outlets. The diverter's job is to divert mixed warm water to the various shower sprays in your system. A 3-setting diverter supports 2 shower spray outlets. With a 3-setting diverter you get 2 individual positions and 1 shared position. This means you can run either shower spray group individually or both together at the same time. The different settings allow you to choose which shower spray heads will be on at any given time. **NOTE** You can NOT add additional spray outlets to this shower system as the diverter will not support them!

Includes Tub Spout with Diverter: The Tub Spout included with this shower system has its own pull-up diverter. When you turn the water on, it will initially flow from the tub spout. Pulling up on the tub spout diverter "activates" the shower outlets. The shower spray outlets are controlled then by the 3-setting diverter. The Tub Spout must NOT be plumbed off one of the 3-setting diverter valve outlet ports. Rather, the tub spout is connected via the bottom outlet port of the mixing valve directly.

Water Restrictions: Make sure to check local plumbing codes in your area before purchasing. This package may not be approved for use in regions with stricter water conservation regulations (e.g., California and some parts of NY, GA, TX, and CO).

Delta Pivotal Matte Black Finish Modern Angular 17 Series Tub and Shower System with Hand Shower on Slide Bar and Multi-Setting Showerhead SS174993BL2

Delta Pivotal Matte Black Finish Modern Angular 17 Series Tub and Shower System with Hand Shower on Slide Bar and Multi-Setting Showerhead SS174993BL2

Product Information:

  • All items are 100% BRAND NEW, never before used, sold in the original packaging with manufacturer's warranty in tact.
  • Delta Black Shower Tub System with Hand Spray
  • Delta Pivotal Collection
  • Color / Finish: Matte Black
  • Brand: Delta
  • COMPLETE Delta Tub and Shower Faucet System Package includes required in wall Rough-in Valves, everything shown in the picture, and everything necessary for installation.
  • COMPLETE COMPATIBILITY: All items are made by the same manufacturer so the finish is guaranteed to match. All parts are designed to function as a package and are guaranteed compatible.
  • This Package is expertly optimized with water pressure in mind. It has been designed to have adequate water pressure for high performance at standard 60 PSI.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Delta warranty on both function and finish
  • Have questions? Read more about Full Custom Delta Shower Systems
  • INCLUDES: Delta Pivotal Collection Matte Black Finish Shower Mixing Valve Handle with 17 Series Dual Control Pressure Balanced Cartridge
  • INCLUDES: Matte Black Delta Pivotal Collection Shower / Tub Faucet System with Delta R10000-UNWS Tub and Shower Rough-in Valve. Also includes Tub Spout with Diverter
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  • Matte Black Custom Tub and Shower Faucet System
  • INCLUDES: Matching 3-Setting Diverter featuring 2 individual positions and 1 Shared position, allowing you to turn on each shower system spray individually or both together. Also includes the required Delta R11000 Shower Diverter Rough-in Valve.
  • Spray Group 1: Multi-setting Square Wall Mount Showerhead. Dimensions: 5-3/4" x 5-3/4" Square. Spray Settings: full body spray, H2Okinetic spray, full spray with massage, massage spray, and pause.
  • Spray Group 2: Multi-Setting Hand Shower with Slide Bar. Spray Settings: H2OKinetic spray, massaging spray, and pause.
  • All items are 100% genuine, brand new in the original packaging, and are sold with the manufacturer warranty intact. All fixtures in the main product image are the EXACT SAME Matte Black finish color and will match each other perfectly. Any difference in the image is due to lighting / photography conditions. Fixtures in main product image may not be to scale.
  • NOTE!! You cannot add any additional spray outlets to this shower package as the 3-setting diverter will NOT support them. To add an additional spray outlet group would require a Delta 6-setting diverter. Contact us with questions or for help with building a custom shower system.
  • NOTE!! Due to Water Regulations this item is not eligible to ship to California.
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Why Buy From FaucetList?

Why buy from FaucetList.com

Manufacturer and Warranty

FaucetList.com is an Authorized Delta Online Distributor. The product you are ordering is a GENUINE Delta product sold by us, an authorized Delta Distributor. This product is guaranteed to be brand new and in the original box. Founded in 1954, Delta is America's faucet innovation leader. Their name represents what's possible in today's plumbing technologies. They're driven by a quest to discover smarter ways for people to experience and live with water. FaucetList.com is an authorized Delta Distributor therefore all product warranties apply to you as the end consumer.

All parts and finishes of the Delta faucet are warranted to the original consumer purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns their home. Delta recommends using a professional plumber for all installation and repair.

This warranty is extensive in that it covers replacement of all defective parts and even finish! Delta will replace, FREE OF CHARGE, during the warranty period, any part or finish that proves defective in material and/or workmanship under normal installation, use and service.

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