California Compliant Shower Systems

California Approved Shower Systems

We often get asked how to create a California compliant Shower System. Because our office is in California, we are very familiar with California Title-20 water-efficiency standards and CA regulations on shower heads and hand shower fixtures. With a proper plan and understanding of the law, it is possible to install a Full Custom Shower System that will be California Energy Commission (CEC) compliant.

There are 2 Main Requirements for a Shower System to be California Complaint:

  • 1) None of the shower spray outlets in the Shower System (i.e., showerheads, hand showers, ceiling shower heads etc.) may flow at a rate of more than 1.8 GPM (gallons per minute). Any shower spray fixture used in the Shower System must be found on the CEC's (California Energy Commission) approved list.
  • 2) You must install a non-shared setting diverter cartridge. In California, the total flow rate of all the shower spray outlets combined can be no more than 1.8 gallons per minute. This means you cannot have 2 spray outlets running at the same time, otherwise you would go over 1.8 GPM limit. The non-shared cartridge diverter removes the shared setting from the diverter, and makes it so you can run only 1 spray outlet at a time.

The Shower Systems in this category contain only shower spray outlets that are CEC approved with a flow rate of less than 1.8 GPM. However by default, they all normally include a shared setting diverter cartridge. For full compliance, the shared setting diverter cartridge must be replaced with a non-shared setting cartridge. This removes the ability to run more than 1 shower spray outlet at the same time.

IMPORTANT: For any Shower System in this category to be fully approved for use in California, you MUST purchase a non-shared diverter cartridge to go with your Shower System (this part is SOLD SEPARATELY!)

Non-shared Function Diverter Cartridges:

If the shower system you want to order normally includes a 3-setting diverter (2 individual and 1 shared), order this 2-setting diverter cartridge to remove the shared function

If the Shower System you plan to order has 2 spray outlets (e.g., a showerhead and a hand shower) and normally includes a 3-setting diverter, purchase the Delta 2-setting non-shared diverter cartridge, DRP71717.

If the shower system you want to order normally includes a 6-setting diverter (3 individual and 3 shared), order this 3-setting diverter cartridge to remove the shared function

If the Shower System you want to order has 3 spray outlets (e.g., a showerhead, a ceiling showerhead, and a hand shower) and normally includes a 6-setting diverter, purchase the Delta 3-setting non-shared diverter cartridge, DRP71718.

Shop our curated list of Shower Systems below. Although none of these Shower Systems say they are CA complaint in the listing, that is only because they all include the shared setting diverter cartridge by default. As you now know, this is not allowed in California. The shower spray outlets included in each system below ARE CEC compliant. So if you order one of these Shower Systems and add the correct non-shared setting diverter cartridge, you will be good to go!

*Note, California approved showerhead versions are subject to availability. If a substitution is necessary, we will contact you.

Once you have determined the style you like, add it to cart. Next, add the corresponding non-shared diverter cartridge to the cart. When you are ready, purchase both items and your Shower System will be fully California compliant! It's that easy! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Shower Systems That Will Be CA Compliant If You Order the Non-Shared Diverter Cartridge:

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