Shower Systems with Showerhead and Hand Shower Sprayer

Shower Systems with handheld spray and wall mount showerhead are among our most popular shower system configurations. For decades almost every European home has had a shower faucet with handheld sprayer. So why has it taken us Americans so long to catch on?! Hand showers are great! They make all sorts of shower tasks easier. A hand held shower wand system makings rinsing off soap and shampoo easy. They are great for people with small kids or pets. They help elderly people and people with mobility issues shower safely. In addition, hand shower sprays make cleaning your shower super easy! A custom shower system with hand shower is controlled by a 3-setting diverter. The shower diverter control allows you to turn on just the showerhead, just the handheld shower sprayer, or both at the same time. For additional information on Shower systems with hand showers, check out our guide to Installing a Shower System with Showerhead and Hand Shower Sprayer.

Our complete custom shower systems are expertly optimized with water pressure in mind. All components are 100% compatible and we include all fixtures, cartridges, handles, and rough-in valves required for installation. At we make buying a luxury shower system easy. Shop many styles of shower system with wall mounted showerhead and handheld shower sprayer and buy yours today!

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