Delta Traditional 14 Series Temp2O Chrome Finish Pressure Balanced Shower Faucet Control with Digital Display INCLUDES Rough-in Valve with Stops and Single Lever Handle D1269V

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The long and short of it: This Shower Control is a fully functioning Shower Faucet without the showerhead. It includes the Handle to control the Shower (on/off). This item can work with any showerhead or handheld shower when plumbed correctly in the wall. It mixes the water from your hot and cold water lines in the wall and sends out a stream of warm water to whatever shower spray you choose. This item features Delta Temp2O Technology and an easy-to-read LED digital display and background color indicator make it clear when the water temperature is safe. The integrated digital display shows the water temperature (in degrees) and as the water temperature rises, the color of the display changes from blue to magenta to red for another easy, visual indication of the water temperature. This fixture uses 3 AAA batteries which are easy to change and last for an average of 2 years.Buy this item if: You want the latest Delta Temp2O digital display technology and full control over your choice of shower head, handheld shower, or even ceiling mount shower head. This item will work with a shower head made by any manufacturer.This fixture includes the Rough-in Valve. The Valve is the part that installs in the wall and connects to your home's hot and cold water supply. The Valve included with this item is the Delta Universal Multi-Choice R10000-UNWS Shower Valve with stops. Delta has manufactured all of their Trim kits (the part of the Shower you actually see) to all fit the same Universal Shower Valve. In the future, if you ever plan to change the style or finish of your Shower Faucet, you will not need to change out the Valve in the wall (as long as you stick with Delta as the manufacturer). This saves you from having to rip out tile or go through other hassles to change your Shower. You can just swap out the old with the new. This advantage allows you to stay up to date with the latest design and home decor trends!

Delta Traditional 14 Series Temp2O Chrome Finish Pressure Balanced Shower Faucet Control with Digital Display INCLUDES Rough-in Valve with Stops and Single Lever Handle D1269V

Delta Traditional 14 Series Temp2O Chrome Finish Pressure Balanced Shower Faucet Control with Digital Display INCLUDES Rough-in Valve with Stops and Single Lever Handle D1269V

Product Information:

  • All items are 100% BRAND NEW, never before used, sold in the original packaging with manufacturer's warranty in tact.
  • Delta Traditional Collection
  • Color / Finish: Chrome
  • Brand: Delta
  • COMPLETE ITEM: Includes Trim Kit (the part you see) and Rough-in Valve with Stops (which installs in the wall)
  • Includes Single Lever Handle - Single-function pressure balance cartridge - Temp2O Technology - Digital temperature display with color indication - Battery operated - Batteries included (3 AAA) - Fahrenheit and Celsius options at install - Handle adjusts temperature - Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty - Batteries are easily accessible under a water-tight housing and are estimated to last 2 years.
  • To Change Batteries: Using an Allen wrench to loosen the set screw, remove the handle from the stem. Remove the escutcheon by rotating it counter-clockwise until it can be pulled from the backplate. Carefully slide the escutcheon over the sleeve and remove. Remove battery cover by pushing in the direction of the arrow. Remove old batteries and insert 3 new AAA batteries making sure to orient in proper direction. Reinstall parts in reverse order.
  • Delta Shower Faucet Control Fixture with Valve
  • Have questions? Read more about Delta Shower Faucets, Valves, and Cartridges
  • Warranty: Lifetime Delta warranty on both function and finish
  • Included: Chrome Shower Control Fixture with Digital Display Trim Kit
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  • Included: Delta MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Rough-in Valve with Stops R10000-UNWS
  • COMPLETE COMPATIBILITY: All items are made by the same manufacturer. They and are designed to function as a package and are guaranteed compatible.
  • Chrome Shower Control Fixture with Digital Display
  • All items are 100% genuine, brand new in the original packaging, and are sold with the manufacturer warranty in tact. Add to Cart Now!
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