Shower System with Temp2O

Fixtures with Temp2O technology can be found only in Delta Shower Systems. Our Temp2O shower systems all feature a digital temperature read-out display and a color changing LED shower light which indicates the water temperature range. A blue light represents the water is cold, magenta is for warm, and red is for hot. Delta makes several types of fixtures with a Temp2O digital display. You can sometimes find the digital display on the shower control itself. You may also find it on the handheld shower sprayer or the shower head spray face. Shower systems in this category all feature at least one fixture with a Temp2O digital display. Check out our Delta Temp2O Shower Fixture buying guide for more information and to watch a video showing the digital shower displays in action. Our complete shower systems are optimized for water pressure and include everything required for installation. Don't waste time searching for all the compatible fixtures, cartridges, handles, and rough-in valves required for installation. At we make buying a custom Delta shower system easy. Order yours today!

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