Shower System Kits with Wall Mount Showerhead and Ceiling Mounted Showerhead

A multi head rain Shower System with wall mounted shower head offers a luxury spa shower experience in the comfort of your own bathroom. The rain shower head mounts to the ceiling and drenches you in a warm soft spray of water. The wall mount showerhead offers a more massaging direct spray. The combination of the dual shower heads is wonderfully relaxing. A complete shower system with waterfall shower head and standard showerhead provides you with the best shower experience. The included 3-setting diverter gives you perfect control over the spray elements. Turn on the ceiling showerhead alone, the wall showerhead alone, or both at together at the same time! This multi head shower system is expertly optimized for water pressure. Save time and buy your custom shower system kit from! We include all fixtures, cartridges, handles, rough-in valves and everything else necessary for installation. Get your complete rain shower system package on order today!

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