Complete Delta Tub Filler Faucets: Valve and Trim Kit Included

Delta Tub Filler Faucets come in a variety of great styles and finishes so you're sure to find the best bathtub fixture for your home. It's not just the decision about whether to go with a modern or traditional style tub filler faucet that needs to be made. You also need to decide what type of installation will be the best fit for your particular bathroom. Part of this consideration depends on where exactly the connection to the hot and cold water lines is coming from. The hot and cold water connects to the tub valve which can be found installed under the tub deck, inside the wall, or even sometimes in the floor. The valve you choose will depend on where exactly you plan to install your tub and what design aesthetic you are going for in the bathroom. Once your Tub valve is installed, your plumber will attach a compatible trim kit (the part you see). This is where things get tricky. Not all valves and trim kits are compatible! To make things easy, we have used our over 40 years' experience at to create a large number of tub filler faucet packages, sold complete with the compatible valve and trim kit. Browse the various categories below and view the many types of Delta Tub Filler Faucets we have available. Shop now and order today!

Delta Roman Tub Filler Faucets with Valve and Trim

Delta Roman Tub Filler Faucets

Delta roman tub filler faucets are designed to mount to the tub deck. Delta deck mount tub faucets typically include two handles, one for hot and one for cold. Delta deck mount roman tub faucets are either sold with sprayer or without hand shower. If you choose to go with a sprayer, your bathtub deck will require an extra hole. The roman tub fillers found in this category are all sold complete and include the valve and trim kit. Shop now and find the best tub filler for your bathroom!

Delta Wall Mount Tub Faucets with Valve and Trim

Delta Wall Mount Tub Faucets

A wall mount tub faucet is perfect for use with a freestanding or clawfoot tub. A wall mount bathtub faucet connects to the hot and cold water supply via a valve inside the wall. Delta wall mount tub fillers are the best on the market! Not only do they look great, but they come in a variety of great modern and traditional styles. Whether you prefer a single handle or two handle style of freestanding tub faucet with wall mount installation, we can help! Shop our complete wall mount bathtub faucets and order now!

Delta Freestanding Tub Filler Faucets with Valve and Trim

Delta Freestanding Tub Filler Faucets

A Delta freestanding tub faucet is sure to create that wow factor your master bathroom is looking for. With a floor mount tub filler you can place your bathtub just about anywhere in the room. Delta freestanding faucets are the best! They are sturdy and solid, and won't wobble during operation. The valve for freestanding tub filler installs in the floor and creates a stable base for these beautiful, high-end fixtures. Order a complete package with floor mounted valve and trim kit for your freestanding or clawfoot tub today!

Delta Tub and Shower Combination Faucets with Valve and Trim

Delta Tub and Shower Combination Faucets

Delta tub shower combo faucets are common fixtures found in millions of American homes. A standard tub and shower combo is something almost everybody needs. It's important to choose a reliable brand like Delta because of the quality of their valve. It is not easy to change out a bath shower combo fixture valve without damaging your tile. This means it is smart to purchase a tub shower faucet combo from a reliable brand like Delta. With one of the best warranties around, a Delta tub shower combo is a great choice!

Delta in2ition Tub and Shower with Valve and Trim

Delta In2ition Tub and Shower Faucets

Delta In2ition tub shower fixtures all feature their innovative 2-in-1 hand shower / showerhead combination. Delta In2ition tub/shower fixtures provide all the benefits of a tub and shower combo with hand shower in a convenient and stylish design. The hand shower fixture attaches into the center of the fixed showerhead. You can detach the hand sprayer when it is required and easily pop it back into place when it is not. A tub and shower faucet with Delta In2ition technology is one of the best solutions for a small tub and shower combo!

Delta Shower Systems with Tub Spout with Valve and Trim

Delta Shower Systems with Tub Spout

If you have a large walk in tub shower combo and want something truly special and luxurious, consider a full custom Delta shower system with tub spout. Custom shower systems like this are all the rage, and it's easy to see why! They are the perfect fixture for a large master bath shower. Not only does a full custom shower system increase the value of your home, but it is also a pleasure to use on a daily basis. Delta is a clear leader when it comes to tub and shower systems, so take a look at the many great styles we have available and order yours today!

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