Delta Polished Nickel Finish Full Custom Shower Systems

Delta Faucet's Polished Nickel finish full custom shower systems are some of the most difficult to describe, yet most beautiful fixtures we carry. The nebulous nature of the Polished Nickel finish adds to its allure. Polished Nickel finish full custom showers systems are not quite silver and they're not quite gold. Rather, the finish has a chameleon-like nature that picks up the color of its surroundings. The tile color and room lighting in particular play an important role in how the Polished Nickel finish fixtures will appear in your master shower. We wrote an entire buying guide on Polished Nickel to help explain more. The short answer is that Delta Shower Systems in the Polished Nickel finish have an extremely lux and expensive feel without seeming gaudy. Get a multi-function diverter shower system with body sprays, ceiling showerhead, and hand shower sprayer all in a complete kit. Shop our complete Delta Polished Nickel shower systems below and order today!