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Installing a Fresca Shower Panel with Video Guide

December 12, 2013

Installing a Fresca Shower Panel

A Shower Panel is great for creating a full shower system experience without the need to do a complete bathroom renovation. A Shower Panel can be installed directly to the wall and does not require you to rip out the tile or install any special plumbing. This video shows exactly how the installation process works. With a run time of just 3 minutes you will see just how easy it is to install a shower panel of your own.

A Shower Panel actually covers all of the plumbing necessary for controlling multiple shower sprays. You can add a handheld shower, body sprays, and a new large showerhead simply by mounting the Shower Panel to your wall and hooking up the hot and cold water lines.

A typical Shower System requires you to go into the wall and run actual pipe to the various shower system sprays you wish to install. If you wanted to add body sprays, it would require you to actually rip out the wall and run the pipes to the locations where the body sprays would be installed. With a Shower Panel you can skip the cost and hard work of installation a typical shower system.

A Shower Panel offers all the functionality you could ever want in a shower and they look great too! At FaucetList we carry a variety of Fresca Shower Panels in several different finishes and styles. Choose from many great styles and purchase yours today!

The mounting process is very simple and if you have the proper tools you can even do it yourself. All you need to do is mount the special bracket to your wall and then slip the panel in place. It is recommended that you seal the sides with silicon as well but as the video points out, leave the bottom unsealed in case there is ever a leak.

Keep in mind, the mounting bracket must be installed into a wooden stud so it can support the weight. You may need a stud finder to make sure you drill in the proper location. Also, if you have a tiled shower you should make sure you are using a proper drill bit for the type of tile you have otherwise you run the risk of cracking it.

There is a corner mounting bracket available as well so get creative! Install a Shower Panel today and make your daily wake-up routine a luxurious experience! Watch the video for more information and contact us with any questions!

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Text of this video:


Hi, today we're installing a Fresca Shower Panel. This panel has four different water outputs. A large showerhead that creates a rainfall effect, a handheld showerhead for mobility and hard to reach places, four swiveling massage water jets, and a tub filling water spout on the bottom. The panel also has four knobs that control each function and a master knob that controls water temperature.

On the back of the panel, which allows for easy access to the plumbing, you can easily repair or replace any part of the panel in the future by simply removing it from the wall brackets to gain access to the plumbing. You can see the layout of the feeds that lead to each of the showerheads and jets as well as the connections that attach to your hot and cold water connections that come out of the wall.

Take a moment to check these connections to make sure that each of the junctions appear to be well seated and secured. Notice that the hot water line is on one side (the right side if looking at the back) and the cold water line is on the opposite. Make sure these lines correspond to the plumbing in the shower wall.

Mounting your shower panel will depend on the orientation of your shower. For this particular example we are using a flat wall bracket mount however, there are also corner mounting brackets available.

When attaching the bracket it is important to anchor the screws in a stud within the wall. To do this you may have to drill through tile. Make sure you use the appropriate drill bit for the type of tile you have. Also, a stud finder is recommended to help make sure you are drilling in the appropriate place.

Once the bracket for the panel is installed you can follow the same process to install the bracket for the handheld showerhead.

Next, before mounting the shower panel, connect the hot and cold water hoses to the appropriate connections in the wall and test for any leaks by turning the water on. Once you're certain there are no leaks it is time to install the panel on the bracket you mounted in the wall making sure that it is firmly seated.

Finally, run a bead of silicon on the right and left sides of the panel, but NOT the bottom. This allows for any possible future leaks to drain, rather than get trapped in the wall.

Now you're ready to enjoy your new Fresca shower panel and really take your morning cleaning routine to the next level.

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